Plinda, Miss Jenny's K9 in training

Ask me anything, I cannot tell a lie. All questons will be answered publicly so everyone will know what a slut i am.

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petgirl-master asked: How/where does your owner sell the milk you produce? If you are not sure then pass this question along to your owner and trainer and tell them I want them to contact me personally.


The milk is sold locally. A woman comes to the house to purchase it, It is used to help women who are adopting, or who do not make enough to satisfy their babies/children 

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petgirl-master asked: Have you made any effort to increase your milk production any further?


My milk production is ever increasing, although not as rapidly as it had in the past. I may have reached peak production. 

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mrrick1219 asked: Like your blog. I hope to one day have a slave as loyal as you.

Sir, Thank you.  Hopefully you will have the slave that you want and deserve.

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petgirl-master asked: How much milk do you produce per milking session?

Sir,  i am currently producing about 8oz from each udder at each milking.