Plinda, Miss Jenny's K9 in training

Ask me anything, I cannot tell a lie. All questons will be answered publicly so everyone will know what a slut i am.

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extremeperversity2 asked: Do you have real functions at work, beyond being an escort, and fucking the boss? If so, do these tasks take precedence over your sex trade, or is there someone handling your work if you're sent to a client before finishing what you're working on?


I do have a real function at the office. I help clients with billing questions, take payments, answer basic insurance questions, make small policy changes -with approval of an agent, i file, answer the phone, all in addition to being the office bimbo.

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inherplace asked: I'm a sir. Next time you blow your boss, ask his permission to simply smear the cum all over your face (and in your hair) so it isn't visible, then leave it in for the rest of the day. Obviously I leave it up to him to decide if it'll be too disruptive/risky to the workplace or not. Regardless of how he answers, write about it for us.

Sir, thank you for the clarification. I will be sure to address you properly in the future. 

This has happened before. He had me sit in his office until it dried and then sent me back to work without allowing me to clean my face. It was later in the day, so there were no clients to worry about.

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markfromtheinternet asked: What will happen to you when you are too old to be of service? When your Mistress tires of you or simply does not find you pleasing anymore. Will she continue to take care of you or will you be left to your own devices?


As the property of Miss Jenny, it is up to her to decide what happens to me when I am too old, sick or tired to server. 

There was some talk of Mistress Jenny breeding me and then giving me to my child as their property. I do not know if that was a serious or just a thought.

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extremeperversity2 asked: It's interesting how you said it, that your owner has her name on your house's property deed. Tell me if yours is still inscribed in there, and if it still is, why?


Yes, my name is still on the property deed. The mortgage company would not allow me to be removed unless I paid the mortgage off and then gave the house to Miss Jenny.  I do not know all of the details or reasons.

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subtrainer-deactivated20130611 asked: What is the most humiliating thing you don't wan't your Owner to do to you? --Master Cane


I would not want to be branded, or tattooed. 

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inherplace asked: Counterbalance to the last question: what activity do you have the most difficulty with? Is there anything that you dread every day? Even if you enjoy every moment of it, certainly some things are harder than others. I want a detailed answer.


One thing that i dread is being called into the Boss’s office. I never know if he is going to fuck me, send me out as a call girl or fire. 

Having him fuck me is not as bad as making me suck his cock. He likes to make sure that i have cum on my face and then tells me to go clean up in the ladies room. Meaning I have to walk through the whole office with cum on me.

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subtrainer-deactivated20130611 asked: What is the activity that makes you most feel like you are where you belong? --Master Cane


Lying on the floor at Miss Sara’s feet. My collar firmly around my neck.

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markfromtheinternet asked: While it is admirable that you would stick to your principles, this is not BDSM; this isn't even a D/s relationship: it is a crime against you. BDSM is about consent: anything that happens to the sub, the sub allows to happen to them, which is the reason why safewords exist. There is no safeword here and you appear not to be consenting. If that is the case, I would suggest that you leave: if this family of yours tries to force you back, go to the cops. You deserve to be happy in life.

Sir, I am not sure how to respond to you.  

You say, I should leave, where would I go? Everything I used to own now belongs to Miss Jenny.

You say, that the sub allows things to happen to them, isn’t that what has happened to me? I made a bet, i lost i have to live with the consequences.

You say, there is not a safe word…. if i am willing to do anything and everything, why is a safe word required?

What would I tell the police? That I signed a personal services contract, added Miss Jenny to my house deed, gave her access to my bank accounts but not i have changed my mind and want out?  What will they do?

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Anniversary - April 25, 2013

Today April 25th 2013 is the one year anniversary.

It was one year ago today that I signed the contract/deed giving myself to Miss Jenny. 

I am constantly amazed at how much my life has changed during the past year. 

  • i make milk that my trainer sells.
  • i fuck or suck my boss in his office while the rest of the staff laugh
  • i am a paid prostitute.
  • i went from being a home owner to a pet in the house owned by Miss Jenny, my Owner.
  • my live in trainer is Miss Sara, the woman i used to own and train.
  • i live my life (outside the office) as a dog in every respect.
  • i will soon complete my dog training by having sex, including fucking and sucking dogs for the amusement of friends and coworkers.

These are just the highlights (lowlights) of how much live has changed for this former goddess and Domme.

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ritemate asked: Plinda, you’re an obedient bitch, answering all our questions. Your trainer must be proud of her work.Have you got a butt plug doggie tail? If so, do you wear it on a regular basis?


Thank you. I do try to be the best at what i am. 

I do have a doggie tail butt plug. I do wear it on a regular basis, mostly when I am in doggie mode at home, however i have worn it under a skirt when i am out with Miss Sara.