Plinda, Miss Jenny's K9 in training

Ask me anything, I cannot tell a lie. All questons will be answered publicly so everyone will know what a slut i am.

* Realization

I was talking with Miss Jenny. She made me realize just how bad my situation has become.

Not only am i no longer a Goddess, owner of a family, but i am a Myspace slut/slave owned by Miss Grace. As such she has allowed everyone on Myspace to use and humiliate me.

Also, i have become a real life cocksucker at work - the office whore. Used by my boss as a cum dumpster. He uses me to get his rocks off and does not even acknowledge my service. After he shoots his load in my mouth and on my face, he dismisses me with a wave of his hand. i am sure it is only a matter of days before he has me bent over his desk taking his cock in my whore cunt. Making me grunt, and moan for the office to hear adding to my humiliation.

But the worst of all, i am now a sub for people that i used to dominate in real life. i am the whore at parties where i was once a domme. Men and women that i used to fuck and humiliate, now take great pleasure in using me. They are making me their whore, their toy, their fuck hole. I have been stripped and fucked in public. I have been forced to my knees, face to the ground to lick shoes of strangers. I have licked cum from pussies that i used to fuck and whip.

I think this is the worst part, to be used by those i used to use. To be pushed from the role of domme to sub, to be forced into serving everyone.

What makes this really horrible is, I know that it is my own fault that I am where i am.. and i am hurt a little more every time i think that i am where i am because i had to open my mouth and say that i would not expect a sub do do anything that i would not do myself. Why didn’t i keep my mouth shut?