Plinda, Miss Jenny's K9 in training

Ask me anything, I cannot tell a lie. All questons will be answered publicly so everyone will know what a slut i am.

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hoshikosato asked: I'm feeling a little bipolar after reading about your life. Sexually it is as kinky as it gets, a continuous humiliation and life as fuck toy appealing to my darkest fantasies. Yet as a human I must admit that this seems to be a life devoid or wonder centered around your dependancy on other people. Your writing shows you have more to offer than any dog. Is there no part that burns with the desire to overcome the current bounaries, could that no be more exciting that your current state?


Miss Jenny, my Owner tells me that my doggie training is just one step on the road to my total submission and usefulness.  I do not know what the future will bring. I did for a long while harbor hopes of returning to my prior life, but i am resigned that that will never happen. 

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